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30 Nov 2012



Earlier this week the Second Sight Yearbook 2013 AND BEYOND went to the printer! It’s our thickest issue ever! 162 pages full of wise insights from the best trend experts and foresight managers world wide. Why does Mexico have a bright future? Or Brazil? A completely new world is in the making, the millennials are growing up, new systems, new paradigms and much more. Lots of insights and views about food, about tech, singularity, new leaders and what’s out of date! It’s a very exciting time to be alive! Read it all in this issue about the must know topics for the future and the years ahead!

ORDER here!

The price is 50 euros, ex VAT and ex shipping. If you want to order a box of books (22 per box), you’ll get a discount of more than 25%. We think it’s the best and most positive New Years gift for your relations and friends… 2013 and BEYOND: A WISE WORLD RISING!

On December 13 we will present the book at our yearly event 2013 and Beyond: A NEW REALITY! 

It’s on thursday December 13, 2012 – 13.00 untill 17.30 + drinks in Amsterdam.