Every season we dive into a hot topic to collect as many views and insights as possible about a specific trend or societal movement. It can be about desertification, sustainability, big data or the importance of making contact - just to name a few of our issues. We explore cross-disciplinary and cross-industry.

Since 1997, we have been in the trends and foresight business - as publishers, as network enablers, but also as think tank and academy - as one of the leading Dutch trend platforms. SecondSight connects people via content. Time has changed. Information goes faster, further - we focus on reaching global influencers who really want to work on projects that matter.

The company SecondSight is founded in 2008, by Andrea Wiegman and Jan Bletz.

What we do

We add more value to trend research and foresights. We connect content and people as so called MAAS publishers. We zoom in on new movements and ask multifarious forefront players about their motivations and experiences. Why they do what they do? And how?

All to understand the era we live in better from the inside out. ... to open pathways, to open our eyes to the future.

How we work

We work as a research studio, as a global think tank - our researches are never based on one sole view or vision on the future.

Products & Services

We provide reports, magazines and books; we organize masterclasses, workshops, courses at our trend academy to get you in touch with the trends on your own; and we organize mash-ups and events to share information and to connect like-minded people from different industries. For instance we started the TWOTY Awards in 2007.

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