• Nu-Disco: I Feel Love
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Nu-Disco: I Feel Love

Recently Tom Ford released his spring/summer 2016 collection with a video that was undoubtedly disco-inspired. With the cooperation of the star producer Nile Rodgers the new collection is shown on models dancing as if in the program ‘Soul Train’ accompanied with the song ‘I Want Your Love’ by Chic, covered by fashion icon Lady Gaga. Klaus van den Berg (depicted in the picture) devoted an article about it and the Nu-Disco trend that is linked to it on (in Dutch). “Nu-Disco is Chic with IQ”, he writes. So no empty disco glitter and boas. Nu-Disco goes deeper and further. During the coming SecondSight 2016 & Beyond event on December the 15th he will elaborate on this Nu-Disco trend. And now that we are talking music, performing as DJ Klaus he will spin some records during the TWOTY 15/16 Awards next week. Find a little taste of what is to come here: a marvelous playlist of old and new disco music to prepare for the festivities of the TWOTY Awards on the 30th of October and the SecondSight 2016 & Beyond event. We can’t wait!


Photo credits: Maarten Nauw

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