• Time-Travel, a theme of all times
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Time-Travel, a theme of all times

Traveling through time has sparked the human imagination for millennia. The earliest known story (whose origins are believed to fall between the 8th and 9th century BCE) that includes the phenomenon mentions a Hindu king who travels to heaven to meet the creator Brahma and, when coming back to the realm of mortals, notices to his surprise and shock that many centuries have past during the time he spend with Brahma. Other well-known stories about time travel are of course The Time Machine by H.G. Wells from 1895 and the famous trilogy Back to the Future that had reached it 30-year anniversary this year. Back to the Future was indeed trending the last year as many prototypes of the curious and extremely cool ‘hoverboard’ went viral and all had us believing, if only for a limited period, that high speed floating along the streets would soon be available at the local sports shop (Read more about this on the TWOTY blog).

            Time-travel is fascinating and from all times. On the one hand it answers to nostalgic feelings as it would create the possibility to actually (re)visit ‘ those good old times’, on the other hand it could dissolve borders and let us discover new ages. Apart from that it also unfolds entirely new themes for story telling, such as what would happen when your younger you would meet with your future you and what would be the consequences if you changed something in the past.

            Though-experiments for storytellers aplenty, but just how viable and possible would time-travel actually be? Through the principle of relativity, time-travel has already been experienced by several astronauts traveling away from earth. Coming back, their watches where several milliseconds behind on “proper time”, although there is no objective answer to how much time has actually passed. The blockbuster Interstellar also features this phenomenon as the protagonist comes back after traveling only limited time through interstellar space and meeting his daughter who has already exceeded retiring age. This principle, however, involves traveling away from extremely heavy objects as the velocity with which we jet away from a great source of gravity influences the flow of time, thus, when traveling backwards through time by using relativity would no allow us to meet our distant forefathers as we would have arrived in an a completely different world; one that would surely not include our ancestors.

            Being highly unlikely for mere earth-dwelling mortals, time-travel remains a fantasy and ever-trending topic, inspiring writers, artists and film directors.

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