In 2050 our planet is estimates to boast about 9 billion human inhabitants. Considering that the amounts of land suitable for agriculture and food production are mostly already used and probably will not miraculously increase there is a dire need for creative and innovative farming to make sure we can feed those billions of mouths. Together with Rabobank's Banking for Food we produced this book Today’s Farmers about the many innovations, initiatives and solutions today’s creative farmers have come up with to give the production of food new momentum and to make sure there will be enough food while still maintaining significant levels of sustainability.

Creativity is a key word and this also counts when we think of the food production industry, an industry generally thought of as very uncreative. The most important goal for this industry is to produce enough food for everyone on this planet, however by doing so it is very easy to forget about sustainability and wreck our planet while trying to expel and evade global hunger. That is exactly the reason why creative thinking is so important for this industry as to make sure the quantities of food are right, the quality of the food and way it is produced have to be equally right.

The new generation of farmers we write about and interviewed for this book are innovative, creative and open-minded to new technologies and insights in order to produce the best products. They are changing the farming business and embrace the newest innovations and trends in technology, demography, economy and ecology. New ideas about sharing and in that way caring about the concerned animals include idea as ‘Koop ‘n Koe’, an initiative in which people each buy a portion of a cow, until everything said cow has to offer has been bought to make sure that nothing will go to waste. Other players involve Duyvestijn Tomaten, a Dutch tomato-planting firm that uses the newest technologies to limit the use of precious energy and thus reduce the carbon footprint of the firm.

Read more about these initiatives and new ideas in agriculture in Today’s Farmers, in which we explain the importance of creativity in the farming business and how we will feed the many billions of people on our planet. Investing in the food security we all need, today’s farmers are tomorrow’s heroes.