• Summer Vibes and Summer Scouts
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Summer Vibes and Summer Scouts

SUN! SUMMER! The last days it could be seen and felt everywhere: summer vibes. Happy people, terraces filled to the brim, heated faces and long lines at the swimming pools and ice cream parlors. But how can one actually measure these 'summer vibes'? Design students Mia Meusburger and Johanna Pilchbauer from Vienna asked themselves this question and designed the 'Summer Scouts', small and pretty designed sensors that measure different aspects of 'the summer'. Depicted in the picture, for example, is a scout that measures movements and thus can decide how much ice cream has been scooped and whether this corresponds with the levels associated with the summer.  Another scout floats on the water of a swimming pool and measures how much sunscreen is in the water and yet another one decides depending on the airflow in a bus whether the windows are opened to cool the heated passengers inside. All this information will be sent to a central headquarters where it is used to decide if summer has started or not. In a nutshell: big data, fun and happy people. Smart cities can use this technology to interact with the summer vibes, to share fun information and thus increase these vibes. We wish you all a very happy and sunny summer!

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