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Because of the rise of new media and especially social media our communication has become short and dense. 140 symbols has become the norm. At the same time we have access to more and more information and we want to share everything of it. The limited space we have for sharing has resulted in particular terms getting more and more different meanings. These words are used, appropriately or not, without the particular meaning traditionally connected to these words. The word itself has become trending and that is when we are dealing with a buzzword. In every industrie, especially trend watching and innovation, buzzwords are fulfilling an important role. We see buzzwords like Big Data and Disruption popping up everywhere. But what do they actually mean?

Because of the enormous attention these words are getting they are slowly being pulled out of context and hence lose their meaning. The concepts are deflating like tired balloons. When one really wants to work with the future it is better to leave the buzzwords to what they are and just start executing plans. This is not just our opinion, also Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel writes about this in his book 'From Zero to One' - read more about this in our new issue SecondSight #41 'On Numbers'. We also offer courses on this subject in the autumn. Our credo is that the future is for those who can create it.

  • NumbersSecond Sighttrendtrend forecastingTrendlettertrendwatching