The Green City

A derelict and abandoned elevated highway in Seoul, Korea, will be transformed into a luscious park. Dutch studio MVRDV has won the competition organised by the city to change the unused highway into a public space. The elevated park will house 254 trees, shrubs and plants, ordered according to the Korean alphabet and will thus form a library of trees that makes the biodiversity of the city tangible. Not only is an extra park in a metropolis as Seoul never a luxury, it also helps improve the accessibility for pedestrians. We have written before about the new landscapes here on our blog, like said Skygarden in Seoul and the Highline in New York: the real trendsetter in the field of reusing abandoned roads or railways as green public spaces. It is quite striking how new parks and landscapes coming up everywhere on the planet: a global trend. Now that we are officially done with the ideal of everyone owning a car we want our cities to be green, to have spaces for walking and biking and cleaner air. All of this in the Green City.