• Creating Ecosystems

Creating Ecosystems



Nature is coming back to us and so are we returning to our sources. We see it in the organically shaped architecture of late, the bio mimicry in design and the use of bacteria to create new textiles in fashion. Of course, the art world would be even more peculiar in her taste for nature. Striking artworks and exhibitions that show off one of the most important phenomena of living nature: the development of ecosystems. These ecosystems can either be real ecosystems or the ‘result’ of an ecosystem. The first is very apparent in the work ‘Tank’ by Glenn Kaino and Brad Troemel’s ‘LIVE/WORK’. The latter becomes clear in the exhibition ‘Nature After Nature’, which was held this summer in Kassel’s Friedericianum. Artworks were shown that contemplated the nature of nature when nature is not anymore the kind of nature we consider nature right now and thus engaged in in the ecosystems that form nature.  

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Images: Glenn Kinod Tank and Brad Troemel’s ‘LIVE/WORK’