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    Andrea Wiegman
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Welcome to our new blog!

We wrote many posts and articles on the Secondsight websites - from 1997 till 2014. They are all stored in our old website database. More than 8.000 articles and blogposts about so many topics. From the upcoming internet to the idea of frugal living. Societal changes, changes in politics and economy, new adventures and innovations. About fashion, food, even health care and education. Our work touches so many industries and disciplines. We shared lots of ideas, visions - one man ideas or more mainstream ideas and paradigm shifts. Some of the posts are read many times and others were shared immediately on more trend blogs. It was a succes, although we decided to change the script earlier this year. We decided to change our website and focus on the work, books, reports and researches to sell. We've started a new website - from scratch and from a complete different perspective. So this feels like a kind of first post...

Why did we change the structure and the website? First of all, we love change - that's why we are in this business. We like to try out new tools and other ways to bring messages to the world. We believe in change and movement.

Secondly, we decided to close the database and focus on the books and researches to sell to our clients. We also have to pay bills and salaries. Now, we only share some of the content and topics - temporarily. Some of the posts will disappear after a while. We think it is more effective and easier to navigate through this simple site to find the books, researches, courses that matter. We are curators - yes.

But also, this work is about temporary information and temporary settings. The context changes all the time. So sometimes when we write about a topic in an early stage, the context of the information is completely different. We always look for new ideas and new inspirations in a new and open setting. You know words make worlds, but also the meaning of words change during the time goes on. When words become mainstream they get another meaning - they might get a more commercial connotation or even the idea behind the word can change. So the work we do is not only about content, it is about context too. That's what we do, that's what we spot and love to do! 

Of course we didn't throw the old posts and content away - it is well stored, on date. If you want to have access to the old database, or you are looking for older trend info, you can always contact us or turn in for a cup of coffee!

Take a look to our shop and books. They all carry clear messages.

If you want to get posts in your inbox, please subscribe to our free trendletter. We try to send an update every week. Sometimes we skip or we do not have time for it, then it will be there a week later. If interested, subscribe here.

You can also take a look to the past topics summary.

Enjoy reading the posts!

Andrea Wiegman, founder Secondsight




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    Andrea Wiegman
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