Second Sight has changed the script

Since 1997, we‘ve been in the trends and foresight business - as publishers and network enablers. We are proud on what we did. But things have changed. So, we decided to change too. We want to add more value to our trend research and foresights: to connect new dots and offer compelling custom made research and stories. We want to call the shots as they are: black is the new black.

This trade is not about one color! More things work at the same time. The future houses many colors, many opinions, definitions and more stories that matter, that are all equally important. Black is black, as green is green and orange is orange. We like diversity.


With a global network of researchers, time travelers, futurists and zeitgeist savvies, we offer unique methods of research, concept and visionary development for industry planners and decision makers.

We’ve found new ways to tap into the opportunities and ideas that lie ahead. We travel ahead and back in time to understand the changes happening in our society as well as to showcase probable, possible and preferable futures. From analyzing consumer cultural trend content to science fiction writing, we help you through social strategies and influence management to understand, envision, invent and implement future strategies.

Content and context

As before, you can subscribe to our quarterly digital trend issues for €75 euro a year. To make our work for our clients more exclusive, we’re closing our database containing over 8,000 articles, views and visions gathered since 1997. Black is the new black.

You can hire us as a think-tank specialized in early signals and new topics, for insights, tapping into that future that fits to your organization, for special reports and trend books. We help you finding new pathways, new strategies; we organize masterclasses, workshops, courses, mash-ups and events to dive into the future or future developments.

Our members will receive the special report 'Black is the new black' - about this trend and implications. Become a subscriber and you'll receive our black paper 'Black is the new black' too.

Currently we are working on Second Sight issue #39: 2015 and beyond.

Future events

For more information about our academy, courses, future events and TWOTY - please follow us on social media and make sure you get our free trendletter with more information about our future events and new work. We’ll keep you up to date on what we’re doing.

For questions, requests for information or data stored in our databank, for custom made reports, our books or public-speaking engagements – please contact us.

List for Summer/ Autumn '14:

Andrea Wiegman
– Founder Second Sight
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